Fun Activities to Do With Your Children This Summer Vacation

Both students and parents love the summer vacation because they each get to enjoy time with their friends and family while being outdoors and taking advantage of the beautiful weather. However, with such a long break, it can become difficult to find activities to keep everybody entertained. And of course, every parent knows that unless a child’s mind is kept active, it’ll default into video game mode and you won’t see them for the rest of the break!

If you are a parent looking for activities to fill your summer vacation calendar, below are some great additions to your list!


Reading Picnic

If you love picnics and reading then you will love a reading picnic. Choose a book that everybody can enjoy, get each person a copy, pack a basket full of delicious food and drink, and head to your local park, garden, or any place where you can all enjoy the outdoors without distraction. Once you are there, set yourselves up and start to read. Once each of you finished the first chapter, stop and start a small discussion about the book so far and where you think it will go.

As you continue to read, continue to take breaks and interact with everybody about the book. You can even make silly little best about who is right, with the winner not having to complete any chores for the next day, or the loser having to wash the dishes for the next week!

Make a Photobook

If you have a family event coming up or even as a lounge room flip-book, a photo book or scrapbook is a great activity that you and your children can enjoy completing over the summer break. Gather and sort out your digital memories and head to the Groupon Coupons page for Shutterfly and get started. This is a great activity for families to enjoy taking a trip down memory lane, remembering past moments in a  child and parent’s life.

Free Attractions

Keeping your children amused can be an expensive task. For this reason, give your local tourism bureau a call to find out what child appropriate activities, festivals, or exhibitions are happening around you for a low to free price. Often you will be able to get you and your family some cheap last minute tickets to some great shows.

A Day at the Water Park

Many parents don’t think to take their children to a water park because they don’t think that they will enjoy it as parents. And this is a fair concern. After all, what parent wants to laze around in the sun chatting with their friends while they eat and drink without having to worry about their kids? Oh, that’s right! Every parent! With lifeguards on duty all around the complex, water parks are a great safe place for families to enjoy their summer vacation time.

When it comes to keeping the attention of a student, it can be difficult to match the appeal of social media and any other apps they can’t pull away from. However, it’s important that you include non-digital family activities into your summer break so that everybody can connect as a family and enjoy the summer weather together!