African American Hair Growing Tips


If you have African American hair you will know just how hard it is to manage. It is a type of hair that needs constant management and if you want to keep healthy hair for the longest time possible there are some tips that will help. I will talk about the way to best look after this hair type along with what you need to avoid.

A person’s type of hair is determined by their genetic makeup. It influences the thickness, growth, color and more. If you have a family history of hair health problems you can take actions to make sure you avoid these. Another common reason that can result in hair loss is stress and diet.

If you have dry African hair you are most at risk of losing it as dehydration is one of the biggest cause of hair loss. This can occur naturally or due to the hair been damaged through constant styling, dyeing, blow drying and hot irons. It is important that you hydrate the hair by using moisturizer or natural oil products such as coconut oil. In order to grow it needs vital protein which can be found in specialist moisture products.

How To Repair Damaged African American Hair

If you’re wanting to repair your damaged hair you should not wrap it up tightly. If you do it can cause damage to the ends along with when it get pulled it becomes much weaker.

One of the worst things you can do if you are losing your hair is to become extremely stressed. Stress is a major cause for losing hair along with cause serious problems to the body. If you are struggling consult with a doctor or hair specialist so that they can put your mind to rest.

Use natural gentle shampoo and avoid any products that are chemical based. A number of shampoos on the market can be extremely damaging when used with the wrong skin type.  Buying natural products may be a bit more expensive but it is well worth it.

Breakages are one of the main causes of damaging hair which is why you need to choose your brush carefully. You should use one that has wide tooth so that the damage is minimal.

Adding a hair conditioner to your daily showering routine can help replenish dehydrated hair. If you only wash your hair a few time a month this can cause damage. The pollutants in the air can dry out the hair and without washing a using a conditioner it will cause damage.


If you are dying, curling, drying, brushing your hair you should think about the future consequences of these actions. If you want to make sure you have great hair for as long as possible it is vital that you keep it moisturized. If you are looking for hair growth look for moisturizer products that have high protein. It will help to stimulate grow and repair damaged hair.