One day crowns are the next resort to dental fillings and veneers

One day crowns are the next resort to dental fillings and veneers. Unlike these 2 dental procedures which serve just a portion of a tooth, crowns encase the entire tooth. One day crowns are a new technology that allows for a crown to be placed in the same dental visit. In the past, crowns had to be done over several visits to the dentist. Nowadays, it can be done at once, thanks to the CEREC crown system. This system comes with software and a fabrication machine that allows a dentist to be able to design and make a crown. The entire process takes around an hour, a standard consultation period. Not much is needed to prepare for one days crowns and aftercare is much easier than expected.

One day crowns can be done by anyone, as long as there is a bit of healthy tooth structure left. It is also important to note that one day crowns are classified as a cosmetic dental procedure and are not paid for by medical aid schemes. It must be done in cash payment. Many dentists who offer one day crowns as a treatment do offer payment plans. The crowns are charged per tooth but many patients often report on how a price cannot be placed on having a renewed tooth. The confidence factor is enough.


One day crowns are most often used to bring back structure to a tooth. This structure can be lost due to decay or from a physical trauma. The decay will have to be removed before one day crowns can be attached. It is a permanent solution to decaying teeth as crowns do not decay, neither do they discolour. The only concern with one day crowns would be any bacteria making its way into the gum area. This is easily preventable with a good daily regimen of cleaning. Crowns can also be used in the aftermath of a root canal. Usually the drilled portion of the tooth is replaced with a dental filling. This is not a permanent solution and can cause sensitivity issues in some patients. The area in its entirety will be covered with one day crowns. Finally crowns are the final portion of the implant process. One day crowns in this regard are an immediate thrill after months of having the implant settle into place. An implant is used when a tooth is lost completely.

The implant will have to be surgically inserted into the jaw and it takes a couple of months to bond into the bone. Once the dentist is satisfied of result permanence, a tooth can be attached. One day crowns ensure that this is a onetime visit and that the wait time is shortened. With the CEREC system, the crown is made immediately from the mould that is taken. The dentist is able to use the software provided with the machine to place finishing touches on the crown which will look just like a real tooth. It takes around 20 minutes for one day crowns to be made and the entire process can be completed in under an hour.