The Effects of Poor Chronic Pain Treatment

According to the National Institutes of Health, it’s estimated that over 100 million American people currently suffer from chronic pain, and nearly half of those people experience pain that interrupts their sleep at least a few nights out of the week.

With the increasing difficulty obtaining medication or procedures that help reduce or relieve pain, many American’s are faced with no other choice but to suffer day after day. However, the consequences of this decision often wreak havoc on the person’s body for a long time to come, perhaps even permanently. This is the importance of receiving proper pain management as soon as you can.


American’s Aren’t Being Listened to and Treated Properly By Their Doctors When it Comes to Chronic Pain

In order to begin a beneficial pain management regime, doctors first need to perform a proper assessment of the pain. Unfortunately, these pain assessments are usually done inadequately, resulting in the patient leaving the office without any idea as to why they are in pain, or how they can manage it.

Some patients are even made to think that they are over exaggerating, leaving them feeling defeated and depressed. Patients who do not feel listened to or validated by their doctor often decide to stop looking for help in managing their pain altogether.

Did You Know That Untreated Chronic Pain Can Have Long-Lasting Effects On The Body?

Unmanaged chronic pain causes countless problems within the body, not only in the area that hurts but throughout the rest of the body as well. Significant stress in the body caused by untreated pain can trigger an overload of hormones. This influx of hormones often leads to other physical manifestations throughout the body; such as increased heart rate and blood pressure, digestion complications and pain, and depression and anxiety.

These are just a handful of the many different symptoms that can manifest due to prolonged stress on the body. Sadly, once this physiological response to stress occurs in the body, it can be difficult to reverse and it can often cause other problems down the road.

It doesn’t stop with the manifestation of physical symptoms, either. The mental health effects created by unmanaged pain can be devastating. When the patient can no longer partake in or perform certain activities in their life due to chronic pain, it creates feelings of defeat, sadness, depression, and anxiety. A lot of patients end up experiencing a decline in their mental health and quality of life that will sometimes result in suicide.

The Importance of Finding a Pain Specialist Doctor

For some patients experiencing chronic untreated pain, one option might be to travel across the country to visit a phoenix pain management doctor or another specialist who can help develop and execute a pain management program. Due to the long lasting and unwanted physical and mental side effects of untreated chronic pain, it’s important to find a doctor who will take all of the steps necessary to finding you relief. Beginning with a proper and thorough pain assessment, your doctor will be able to help devise a pain management plan that works for you.